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We built Falcon Assist, and their customers are raving about it


  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Prompt Engineering (CoT)
  • Secure Headless Web Application


  • LLM (GPT-3.5 & 4)
  • Node Back End
  • AWS Integration
Local Falcon was great at giving customers a snapshot of their SEO performance, but wanted to reduce churn by providing actionable insights on an ongoing basis.
What we did


We analyzed Local Falcon's business for specific use cases that could generate value for its customers. Ultimately, we decided to build an AI reporting system which incorporated their data and best practices into a usable report for its customers.

AI Product Development

We built a headless node app which integrated with their data via their existing API's, applied custom business logic, and used OpenAI's models to generate insights and recommendations.

With over 250,000 reports per month generated, "Falcon AI" has been well-received among customers and the press.
AI Consulting
We analyzed Local Falcon's business for actionable use cases best suited to deliver value with AI.
AI Development
We built a retrieval augmented generation (RAG) system as a headless Node application.
Ongoing Feature Dev
We continue to build additional features and functionality into the app.

Andy has done a FANTASTIC job bringing our AI ambitions to life at Local Falcon. Our users are really loving the new AI reporting feature and we've seen better retention than ever before thanks to the "stickiness" it brings to the table. This is just the beginning, too. The road ahead is very bright!

David Hunter
CEO of Local Falcon
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