Case Studies

Powering Multiple Pivots at


  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Prompt Engineering (CoT, Multi-Agent)
  • Vector Embeddings


  • Node, React
  • GPT 3, 3.5 & 4, Pinecone
  • PHP for SaaS App
Problem went through many pivots on its way to find product market fit.
What we did

AI Search Engine was a precursor to more well known search assistants today such as Bard and Perplexity. Our system translated user queries into Google searches, returned scraped results, and synthesized them into answers while supporting multi-turn dialog.

  • Node & React, GPT-3, GPT-3.5
  • RAG with Web Scraping
  • Facilitated over 100,000 conversations

Lexii Designer – AI Assistant Creator

Responding to the chat-with-your-data craze, Lexii pivoted to an embeddable chat widget, delivering answers to questions based on an easy to manage knowledge base. We built a RAG system from the ground up, with vector embeddings for each knowledge base item and chain of thought prompting to deliver the best answer.

SEO Article Generator

Lexii's final pivot turned profitable as an article generator based on GPT-4. Although it appears straightforward, the implementation was very complex. It solved a number of painful problems for users — specifying an exact word count, avoiding plagiarism, avoiding the "hollow" sound of ChatGPT, formatting, and more. Our solution involves RAG (with web scraping), agents for writing and editing, and complex business logic, driving chain of thought prompts.

  • Node, PHP, GPT-4
  • Chain of Thought, Multi-Agent
  • Live at
Lexii is now generating profit with a sophisticated AI article writer that delievers SEO-optimized content at scale.
Product Strategy
We explicitly adopted a lean innovation approach to product development, exploring many ideas quickly.
AI Development
Each pivot was powered by node, react, and PHP applications.
Ongoing Development
We continue to support Lexii with additional features.

"Lexii is different: from the ease of use to the ridiculously high output quality, we've not encountered a tool more vital to our work."

Jeremy D.

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