Our Services

Everything you need to dream big with AI.

Our expert team provides consulting, design, and development for AI applications that accelerate your business in ways that weren't possible even six months ago.
AI Audit
We can analyze your business for the best use cases to accelerate your workflows, recommending existing services or custom solutions where appropriate.
Product Consulting
Leveraging our experience commercializing LLM's, we'll craft a product strategy and development plan tailored to the way you deliver value.
Product Design
Generative AI has upended traditional user interfaces. We design fresh, contemporary interfaces that fully exhaust the new potential AI provides.
Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
We're experts in building RAG systems, which many use cases for LLM's require.
Front & Back End Web Development
Often, Generative AI is encapsulated in a web interface -- we're experts at building those, too.
Project Management
We take a structured agile approach which allows us maximum flexibility in the rapidly evolving AI space.
Our Vision

We're building a world of powerful AI agents that unlock human potential.


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How much does it cost?

Our project minimum is $25,000.

Can you build an AI that will chat with my organization's data?

Yes! Through prompt engineering, fine tuning, and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) we can create tailored solutions which generate insights from your data, not just the data an LLM was pre-trained on.

What foundational models do you work with?

We're model agnostic, so everything from GPT-4 or Claude to LLama or Mixtral. We'll help you select the best model for your needs, including performance considerations and total cost of ownership.

How do you manage risk in the evolving AI space?

In addition to preliminary consulting based on our experience and industry knowledge, we take an agile or "lean" approach: explore, refine, ship, and iterate quickly. Tight development cycles allow us to pivot as necessary in this constantly changing ecosystem.

How do you avoid reinventing the wheel?

We recommend development paths that take advantage of the excellent open source work currently available at all layers of the stack. Where necessary, we build custom solutions -- but only where necessary.

Accelerate your business with AI