AI Engineer (Contract)

Andy Walters
July 10, 2024

The Role

We're seeking a U.S.-based remote AI Engineer to join our team on a contract basis. This role is crucial in delivering innovative AI solutions to our diverse client base.


  • Architect and implement custom generative AI solutions tailored to client needs
  • Conduct AI feasibility studies and provide technical recommendations to clients
  • Develop proof-of-concept AI applications to demonstrate potential solutions
  • Optimize AI models for production environments, focusing on scalability and performance
  • Create detailed technical documentation and client-facing presentations on AI implementations
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate AI capabilities into existing client systems
  • Conduct code reviews and mentor junior team members on AI best practices
  • Participate in client meetings to gather requirements and present AI solutions
  • Stay informed about emerging AI technologies and assess their potential for client applications
  • Contribute to the development of reusable AI components and internal tooling


  • Extensive experience with generative AI technologies and large language models
  • Proven track record in building RAG systems
  • Deep expertise in developing AI assistants and chatbots
  • Strong understanding of AI evaluation methodologies and metrics
  • Up-to-date knowledge of advanced prompt engineering techniques
  • Proficiency in Node.js and TypeScript
  • Experience with Python for AI/ML development
  • Solid understanding of web technologies and architectures

Bonus Skills

  • Familiarity with React for frontend development
  • Background in natural language processing (NLP) research or applications
  • Experience in consulting or client-facing technical roles

What We Offer

  • Flexible contract work: 20-40 hours per week
  • Competitive hourly rate, depending on experience
  • Opportunity to work on diverse, cutting-edge AI projects across various industries
  • Collaborative team environment with other AI enthusiasts
  • Potential for long-term engagement and growth within Emerge Haus

How to Apply

If you're passionate about AI and meet our requirements, we'd love to hear from you! Please send an email to explaining your interest, along with your LinkedIn and Github URL's.

Note: We are not accepting applications from recruiters for this position.

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